Why Did I Stop Hokkien Video and Blog?

It was on 10 April 2020 I brought my family including my handicap dog on her new pram that we bought for her before the Circuit Breaker to Sungei Buloh to exercise. It was the last time going out as a family before stricter measures were introduced.

We saw some photographers not obeying the law and still came out in groups to take photos. Those who were alone was seen talking to people around and did not keep a social distance.

I thought I should help this group of photographers’ community, but how?
So I decided to stop producing the Hokkien Video and daily/ blog and do something to help the photographers’ community!

I went home, took out my camera and started to find things to shoot at home.
I shot this little fellow below and post on FaceBook with a simple message:
I still see photographers taking photos in the park and talking to each other. I’m starting the #shootathomechallenge = to post one photo u shoot at home everyday till 4 may so that photographers can stay home and find something to do.I hope u guys can help to accept the challenge and nominate 10 photographer friends so to help your photographers to stay at home.

So there you go, I had started the #shootathomechallenge and very soon, this challenge was pick up by some photographers and they started to shoot, post and tag many more people.

I had then posted a second photo on the following day, 11 April 2010 and this photo caught Mediacorp and SAFRA attention.

On 13 April morning, I received call from Mediacorp 8 news requesting to do an interview with me regarding the challenge and I accepted it and by afternoon, SAFRA gave me a call asking if they would help to co-organise the challenge and sponsor some prizes to it.
I immediately accepted the offer and to make this challenge more fun, I called Nikon Singapore and they too agreed to sponsor some prizes.
So now it’s time to engage the photographer to #stayhome and shoot instead of going out to break the rules.

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