One Hokkien Videos/Vlogs A Day Keep The Virus Away.

Subsequently I had produced another 5 more Hokkien videos and 2 vlog videos regarding Circuit Breaker from 5-11 April 2020.

I enjoyed scripting, filming and editing all by myself, but i would be super tired and knocked off immediately when i went to bed. Really hope these videos did help some of the older folks out there.

Singapore Pools, 4D, TOTO, False Message, Mask Collection and Dos and Dont’s
Hokkien 10k fine or 6 Mths’ Jail for Social Gatherings of any size in both Private and Public Spaces
Hokkien How to use Apple Facetime and Whatsapp Video Call? Some Q&A included
PM Lee 10 April 2020 Speech in Hokkien
Hokkien: Wear Mask to Market, Collect Mask and all Beaches Closed
Singapore Circuit Breaker Period Day 1 ~ Vlog
Singapore Circuit Breaker (CB) Period Day 2 ~ Vlog (stay home)

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