NDP 2021

NDP was postponed for the first time in 56 years.
This was our third year involved as a sponsor.
The person in charge was MAJ Samuel and he was a hardworking fellow.
We got in touch in Dec 2020 with many plans, but due to COVID-19, we were ever changing with our plans.
I heard from that all plans had been activated except the last plan which was cancelled.

We were glad that we were given pass instead of tickets this year and we were allowed to roam around to create contents.
These year NDP was a special one and I had decided to share it using videos that we have done.

The first video was the Parade and Ceremony held on the 9 Aug 2021.
Despite the postpone of NDP was announced earlier, the Parade and Ceremony was still carried out on the actual day with no guests, but just some key appointment holders.

The second video which I would like to share was a video that we had helped NDPeeps to do it and it was posted on their YouTube page.

The third video was my favourite. This was also a video that we had helped NDP to produce and it was also on NDPeeps’ YouTube page. It was a Behind-the-scenes of a COVID-safe NDP 2021. It explained how safe this NDP was.

The fourth one was the cutest video. It’s NDP 2021 memes. It’s our work on NDPeeps’ YouTube page once again.

To close this NDP 2021, we have also produced a Trailer video.

That’s all for NDP 2021 and see you on 9 August 2022

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